Wednesday, January 4, 2012

here we go again...

Ben was very into doing the Clean detox again this year. So he ordered it and it arrived and I get to do all the prep, cooking and timing, yeah!:( Plus we are starting a few days earlier then I thought, yeah!:( I wanted to start Monday. Ben wanted to start ASAP! Our schedules some how got really complicated quick right after the new year so it is either now or in March and Ben does not want to wait.

I will try to post about it but last time it got over whelming trying to do daily posting, so maybe like every few days may be better. Mom, I do not think I am coming home to take down the tree:( Wish us luck!

We went to Godiva tonight and stuffed out faces with half priced Holiday chocolate and I ate all of my Grapefruit but we still need to finish the eggs before tomorrow.

If you want to read a bit about this Detox here is a link to my first post about it. We decided to add another supplement to the detox instead of shelling out the BIG cash for the really pricey program. We got the original with the addition of the Clear 2. Ben had me do some reading to see what was the real difference and I figure this is enough for us this year. I told him if we where going to start having kids then the BIG kit would be better but that is not happening for a long while so we are good with what we got I hope.

We got a new kitchen table! Ben picked the color, can you believe???

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