Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My CSA Box- Natural Trading Company

I finally found a CSA to join that was in our budget and met our requirements. I could get fresh eggs for happy hens, all organic, with a good seasonal variety, winter harvest along with other seasons, give not too big of shares of the harvest(just Ben and I so I did not want to waist any of the share, plus we can order from two sizes of shares), easy to pick up, easy to put on hold if we go out of town, easy to stop if we move, weekly reminders/updates, great communication with the farm owners, auto payment and charged week to week instead of for a whole season or a whole year at a time. The Natural Trading Company in New Castle, Ca fit the bill to a tee. We pick up our share every Friday at the farm because we live pretty close. It cost $20.00 a week and we get eggs every other week and those weeks cost $26.00. Like I said perfect:) Ben and I eat a lot if veggies but with these boxes it is a no brainier with incorporating more fruit and veggies into your diet. No meal planning required either you just work with what you get and it just makes cooking so much easier.
This week we got:
Garlic-2 heads
Turnips a very large bunch
Red potatoes about three pounds
Butternut Squash
Persimmon- 5 Fuyu variety
A huge head of purple lettuce
A huge bunch of collards
Heirloom carrots about 10 in the bunch
One dozen eggs
Plus the box comes with a weekly newsletter with a recipe incorporating the share.
All organic and $26.00 total!!!

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Bonnie Jo said...

Yum! Really looks beautiful.