Monday, October 10, 2011

My Father's Daughter by Gwyneth Paltrow

 Yes, another celebrity cook book. I have to say this one is not bad at all. When I get any new cook book I try and cook my way through it and I read it cover to cover just like a novel, especially if I am going to blog about it. I pretty much made everything in this book some recipes where not in my budget to attempt but mostly I could do.

Gwyneth like most celebrities had famous friends, but hers are foodies and chefs more then actors and Rock Stars(even though she is married to one). She has for sure had help from all her famous chef and health guru friends with learning how to cook, but it looks like her parents could cook as well and has included a good amount of family recipes in this book. Her Farther(Bruce Paltrow the producer and writer of the 80's hit St. Elsewhere) was a real foodie and so like any girl that adores their Father would also want to take an interest that they could share to spend more time together. Loving, making and eating food was a huge bond for the two of them. Most certainly Gwyneth is a Daddy's girl and loved, respected and cherished him very much and wanted to create a tribute to their shared hobby, food. Some people do not know this but Gwyneth's father was Jewish and she shares a few of her favorite Jewish Family Holiday recipes in the cook book. Her Mother, Blythe Danner, was not left out though. She includes some wonderful recipes from her as well in the book. 

  So over the years she has traveled and eaten at many great restaurants and has befriended many Chefs and Foodies. She not only enjoys dining out but really enjoys sourcing her food, researching and appreciating where it comes from and from who, making it and yes eating it. Now, I was on amazon last year and I saw her original cook book and then zap it was totally gone and then this came on the market. She has laid out the book to go with the same theme and similar look of her famous blog GOOP. It is a great food, travel and product review blog. She also shares beauty and fashion tips. She also has her famous friends add to the mix as well with guest blogging.Check it out it is worth the look.

On with the review:

Book Overall: Very Good
Organization: Very Good
Ease of use: Very Good
Photography and overall look: Excellent
Recipes: Fair to Very Good
Skill level required: Medium to Advanced not for beginners
Readability: Very Good
Who would find this book most useful: Women or Men that have generous grocery budgets who like to cook and have children.
Recipes can be converted to GF: Yes, for sure, no problem.
Can a Vegan or Vegetarian get anything out of this book as well: There is a lot of meat photos in this book so a Vegan may be offended. A Vegetarian would get something out of it and for sure a Flexitarian would get a lot out of it. 

Recipe Stand Outs:
Can easily be converted to Gluten Free. Also omit the corn oil(big no no any more in baking) and use butter or 1 large ripe banana, or 1 cup of apple sauce.

This is awesome for sure. Just remember when you do this in your coffee grinder it will temporarily leave a red color in it.
This is a great idea. I use them for everything from making dressings to adding to baked chicken. Supper easy and you will never waist a tomato again.

Sabbath(Black Sabbath) wanted to getin on the Photography session in the back yard too. She is our backyard cat.

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