Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall in a Cup by Numi Organic Teas

Love Fall!!! I was so happy to move from Southern Cal to Northern Cal because I knew I would get to experience Fall. Especially in the Sierra Foot Hills you really get to experience the seasons change. I love the colors of Fall and the cool crisp air and yes, I like the rain that comes with all of it to. We have started the season with a quite a few rain showers especially last week. We had a storm front that came in that put me in the mood for a Fall themed tea. So I went hunting and found this great Organic tea by Numi. It ran about $5.00 for a box of 16 tea bags. The company uses no artificial flavors, fair trade tea leaves and is USDA certified Organic ingredients.

The Orange Spice White Tea has all the right stuff for a great cup of Fall. The tea includes: cinnamon, orange peel, cloves, white tea leaves, hibiscus, allspice, ginger, lemon grass, schizandra berry and dried lime. All organic and all preservative free! I like White Tea because it has less caffeine then other teas and has more antioxidants then a cup of green tea.
I usually use loose tea because it is more eco-friendly, sometimes cheaper and you can always get a better cup of tea, but it is hard to find.  I order mine online and some of the higher end markets carry a decent selection on hand.

So to make the cup a little more like loose tea I use two Tea bags instead of one to get a richer flavor, and I added some orange zest and a squeeze of the half of the orange that I used to zest. Also I used a bit of liquid Stevia drops and a dash of cinnamon and it was great. With my cup in hand, I was ready to tackle my laundry list of things to do and perfectly happy to do it while sipping this tasty cup of tea! Enjoy!!!!

If you would like to take a look at Numi's Selection here is a link to their website at numitea.com

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