Sunday, October 9, 2011

Peas and thank you

Now for Vegans out there you all know this book and Sarah's blog very well. Sarah Matheny writes the popular blog Peas and Thank You. She is married and started out practicing law, then started a family and now has a Vegan cooking and baking fallowing that may rival Rachel Ray soon enough. She just published her cook book and semi-autobiography Peas and thank you, and refers to her self as "MamaPea". She has similar nick names for her children, Husband and family. I am not sure where that came about and it may be buried in her blog some where as to how that started, cute non-the-less.
She is writing a second book because there is such a shortage for this style of Vegan cook book. I really like her blog and get a lot of use out of it especially on the two days a week Ben and I eat Vegan.  Isa Chandra Moskowitz, of the Post Punk Kitchen blog and well known writer of many Vegan cook books is still my favorite of Vegan food writers, but Sarah has a different spin. Her audience is Parents of small children, especially stay at home parents. She is a great representative for stay at home parents in every way. If you start to read her blog you will find out why, so you should after you read my review, and then log on to and buy her book to!
Now for my review of the book:
Book Overall: Very Good
Organization: Excellent
Ease of use: Excellent
Photography and overall look: Very Good
Recipes: Good to Excellent
Skill level required: Beginning to Medium skills required
Readability: Very Good and entertaining for sure, but sometimes a little long where some personal stories where concerned.
Who would find this book most useful: Singles, Families and Empty Nesters that have normal to generous grocery budgets who like to cook or want to learn to cook Vegan dishes.
Recipes can be converted to GF: Yes, for sure no problem with a few exceptions.
Prior knowledge: If you are new to being Vegan or are a Flexitarian, like Ben and I, this is a good intro to Vegan cooking over all and something for seasoned Vegans to. She gives a lot of short cuts to making things fast especially on a busy week night.
Ease of finding ingredients required: Easy to Hard. She uses a lot of things from Trader Joes, and of course you can find everything at Whole Foods, but most can be found at major super markets.  Some things may have to be ordered from the Internet if you do not live near a Health Food store like a Whole Foods, Wild Oats or Elliot's.

Recipe stand outs:
The Thai veggie burgers where great using cabbage leaves for the buns. I just used GF oats and they turned out great. I substituted the cilantro for basil because I did not have it. Worked out fine.
The peanut butter cookie dough balls worked out great with my GF flour mix that I always use for sweet backed goods.
These where un-expected and very good. Great use of chickpeas.

If you would like to buy the book go to
go to Peas and Thank You
I highly recommend joining Sarah's blog as well!!

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