Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gluten Free Travel Tips

*This post was written and posted on my other Food blog. I wrote it right before I left for the trip to Montreal. Wrote it fast to, sorry if there are too many mistakes. 

I am leaving for Montreal on Wednesday. My Besty Laurence, is having a 40th Birthday Party and I am flying in for the big day! Actually, it is a surprise and she has no idea that I am flying in to see her. This post will be published after I am in Montreal just in case. Her Husband and I have been in cahoots with the surprise for about two months. I am also bringing her gift from her Husband with me. She is going to be so surprised. He could not get the ring in Montreal so he asked me if I could get it and bring it with me. Laurence and I met while we where both working the Jewelry Business as Gemologist.

Lucky Girl!!!!!!
Paloma Picasso's Crown of Hearts eternity diamond band in 18kt Rose and White Gold. So cute!!! Her Husband is the nicest of all my friends Husbands and not because he buys her nice gifts but he is very good to her and is great to her friends, i.e. me:) They have been together since they where 14 years old!! True love I think so!!!:):)

So this post is actually about traveling as a person with Gluten issues. Above is a picture of what I travel with when I go out of town:
Organic Quinoa
travels better then Brown Rice Pasta.
Brown Rice and Almond crackers
gotta have them for eating cheese or whatever.
these save my life if I am around town and cannot find something to snack on.
Justin's Nut Butter Packets
life saver. I can just get a Banana or an apple at Starbucks in the airport and just slather it on and keeps me fool for quite awhile. Also I can top my oat meal with it or even yogurt in the AM.
Organic Green Tea Bags
this is a must. Saves a lot of money and non-organic tea and coffee is fool of chemicals.
another quick snack and I can put them on my oat meal too.
Sweatleaf brand Stevia tabs
I keep these in my purse at all times. I really limit my sugar in take and these are great to top tea, coffee or yogurt even your morning oats with. You just need one tab for a serving. Very concentrated stuff and no bitter after taste from the Swealeaf brand.
Dr. Bronner's Liquid Soap
 Great for anything. Washing clothes, body face even hair. Gluten Free. No more rashes from Hotel Soap that has wheat protein in it.

EO brand Shampoo and Conditioner
EO does not state that they are gluten free but I have read the ingredients very closely and looks like they are not a problem. 
Probiotic Pearls brand
these are really a must for anyone traveling. Probiotics keep your immune system strong by gabling up bad bacteria that enters your gut. The PEARL brand is great because you do not have to keep it refrigerated. I learned my lesson when I went to Hawaii by not taking them. Not a great scene in the airport bathroom coming home!!!
Baby wipes
just in case you go to the Bathroom in lets say a Pub in London and there is no TP!!!! I use them to wipe off my hands if there is no paper towel in a bathroom too. Also another tip is to bring a half used roll of toilet paper with the card board center taken out. You never know when you will need it. Mother's out there no what I talking about. Kellie Rippa was just talking about how she carries this at all times.
Anti-bacteria wipes
I love the CleanWell brand. I don't do the gels and stuff. I have a friend that is a Pediatrician and he says the wipes are better because you wipe off the germs not just rub them around and kinda kill some with the gel. Plus, you can wipe off the arms of your seat on the airplane and the tray table. Another friend of mine is a Flight Attendant and he says he has seen many people change diapers on those tray tables and never wipe them off after they are done! Especially in first class!!!
San-J Organic Tamari Gluten Free packets
Depends on who I am visiting or where I am going. Also not shown are my
Natural Calm magnesium packets
Whole foods was out so I had to place an order for them. The powder is a god scent because it helps me fall asleep, helps me with constipation issues that go along with time zone changes that always screws me up. Also really helps with Migraines too!!! Don't leave home with out if. Also I will bring how ever many days I will be anywhere a measured out baggy of
Gluten Free Rolled Oats
If I am going to places that have Wholefoods and I have time I just buy stuff when I get there but usually I don't have time and there is not a store near by so I schlep all this stuff with me.

I know it is a lot to bring but these are the cards we are dealt with having a gluten issue and we can either have a great travel experience or a bad one. I say schlep the stuff and have a great time and not pay for it later with not being prepared.

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