Thursday, September 8, 2011

home already....

So after traveling for about ten hours I made it home last night. I just got back from visiting one of my Besties, Laurence, in Montreal. Man, was she surprise to see me! Her husband and her oldest Daughter, Salome, did a very good job at keeping the secret. She could not speak for about an hour and still would look at me the rest of the night and say "you are really here"..."I cannot believe you came all this way for me, you are a true friend". Warmed my heart to say the least. She is the kindest and most appreciative person I know and I would only go through all the traveling and planning for her. We had the best time. Her 40th Birthday Party was probably the best party I have ever gone to. Nothing flashy, just her back yard, some great food, great wine and Rose' Sparkling Wine(we share a great love for Rose') and her friends and family. They all love and cherish her so much. She really deserved this day for being such a good, hard working, friend, Mother, Wife, Daughter and just a wonderful person in general. They do not make people like her much anymore that is for sure.

When I got there her family broke out a bottle of  Heidsieck Heritage Brut NV Champagne(yes, can actually be called Champagne because it is made in Champagne) that they brought with them all the way from France. It was excellent on the warm and humid day that it was.  Yummy, nice and dry, tart, medium bubbles with a not too buttery taste. Citrus and green apple flavors galore. Very good. Hard to find in the US though. Found it on Wine Searcher for about $37.00 but not anywhere else.

Since it was just close family the day I got there we did her presents then. Our gifts where personal and we new she would be too overwhelmed the next day to really take in the gifts and the stories behind them. Plus, Laurence hates being showy in anyway and these gifts where very glamorous and personal to say the least. I got her an engraved pendant from Tiffany so it was funny for her husband to hand her a second bag from Tiffany. She was so surprised. We all know from my last post her diamond band was in there. I love that I was the courier to bring it from Cal for her. She got some other great things hand made by her Mother and her Daughter. Also a beautiful LV bag and matching wallet. We all agreed she deserved all this and more. It was a emotional day for us all. 

The next day was the party and it was so much fun.  They had a pièce montée made in the shape of the numbers 40. So great! I have never seen one in person much less in the shape of a 40(Laurence turned 40 and she is not afraid to tell you either, love that girl).
I ate the filling out of the centers and the sugar candy disc on top of the custard balls(cream puffs). I ate the centers out a few actually;) Had a bit of the shell just to get a little taste to, but not too much. I think I like this concept better then a cake. I don't know why people don't do this more in the US. I am thinking to try and make some gluten free cream puffs next week and see if I can convert the recipe. We will see. We had lots of Mumm Napa Brut Rose'. Always a home run with me. Great price point and has a great taste for a American made Sparkling Rose' for sure. We all had a really good time. From the picture below Laurence had the best time of us all!!
Laurence is dancing with her Mother-In-Law. Now I never volunteer someones age lets just say she is in her 60's and still looks like that and dances like that!! Love it! No surgery people! Cross you fingers we look that when we are in our 60's!
The rest of the trip was hanging out and going to a Apple Orchid to pick apples. Montreal has some beautiful country side. The name of the Orchid was La Magie de la Pomme. Wonderful setup and beautiful orchids. Fall is here people!
I went into the city while Laurence was at work the day before I flew home and walked around Montreal. Great city. Nice people and very clean. I have been there to visit Laurence before so it was a little familiar for sure. We went to Celine Dion's diner called Nickels Grill. The food was like a New York style deli. I found lots of Gluten free options with no problem.
When I arrived for the trip I actually stayed down town the night before I was going to surprise her. With the flights and stuff it was better this way. I managed to catch the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit in Montreal at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts before I went to her house after she got home from work to surprise her. The show was wonderful. If you are going to be up there go and see it. The museum does a great job with these types of shows. I saw the YSL exhibit last time I was visiting Laurence and they did such a better job then San Fransisco did with the exhibit.

It was a wonderful trip and I had the best time. So now back home with Ben and Cashy(my cat) life is good and I know I helped create life long memories for a very special person and her family forever.

Love you Laurence:)

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