Friday, August 12, 2011

Illume made for Target Candles-an affordable luxury

I have to admit I am a candle snob. Most of the time cheap candles are full of things that are bad for you to breath into your lungs like synthetic fragrances. Also, I buy candles that come in containers for safety. They can be dangerous if they are the pillar style if forgotten about. I use the pillar style for dinners and stuff where they have eyes on them the whole time.  I also have ones that are just for decor or for out door use.  In college candles where "the gift" to give to your girl friends for some reason, so I have a collection of those left over from years ago scattered around the house.

I also buy only soy or bees wax candles with natural essential oil perfumes mixed in, never synthetics. So of course these candles cost a lot of money, usually. With the crappy economy I cannot rationalize spending a lot of money on candles. So I wondered down the candle isle at Target to see if they had anything natural and clean burning. Well, what do you know, the luxury scent and candle company Illume is making a whole line of candles for Target. Illume is a pretty good company they have great natural product lines of: candles, lotions, body washes, perfumes, scrubs and diffusers. Pretty much all their products are made in the USA with some exceptions to the containers the products are packaged in. Usually when I see Illume candles in Z Gallery, Whole Foods or Bloomingdale's they are pricey. The size pictured above usually runs about $35.00! The Target version ran $9.99! I got a great smelling, cleaning burning, eco-friendly candle for a budget friendly price. I have to share when I find deals like this. Just cannot beat a good and fair price on a usually pricey luxury item.


JulieRios said...

I love my tomato (garden) blossom candle, but i've almost burned all of it and I can't find it anywhere else :(
do you know of a similar scent, or where I can find it? (looking at your picture it seems like you got that one also!)

Shara said...

Ok I did some searching. I found the candle on but they only have the Vanilla Bean scent. They do not list it by Illume. They list it as a three-wick candle in a jar. I know stupid. So I went to my Target in Roseville and they have your scent. The customer service person said for you to bring the candle into Target and they will scan it and find other Targets that have it and ship it to you. I hope that helps:)