Thursday, October 4, 2012

My "right now" Favorites

My "right now" Favorites:

1. Cannot get enough of Taylors of Harrogate English Breakfast blend tea! I think about it as soon as I get up in the morning:) A few Stevia drops and almond milk and I am in heaven.

2. Needle point. I know you may think needle point can be boring but check out this great site that sells needle point kits that are modern. Also for the very advanced stitcher this Etsy site as well and this one for the beginner to the advanced.

3. I am in deep love with Wilderotter wines right now. I love almost everything they offer. Also a new kid on the black Feist that was started by a young Berkley couple that packed up and moved to the Amador wine region. Their offerings are just wonderful. 

4. Southern Living magazine is my new magazine porn. I switch around year to year and I just love it so much!

5. Lilly Pulitzer's Cameo White Fancy Feast pattern is so interesting and a great Lilly Fall transition pattern for the line.

6. JCrew's vintage inspired jewelry this year. I love the mix of vintage looking pieces but with a modern color palette. 

7. Kate Spade's too cool for school Book Clutches and the Knock on Wood Collection are out of site!

8. TV shows I have been watching lately Flipping Out on Bravo. The drama is interesting for sure but I love Jeff Lewis's design aesthetic. Grimm for sure. I watched the first episode of Call the Midwife on PBS, hooked already. 

9. I have been deep in the world of middle eastern and Israeli food lately using this book and this book that have been apart of my cook book collection for awhile now and I use all the time. I just added this one and this one. All great books and have so much to offer to a home cook looking to try something different. 

10. My favorite Blogs that I am reading latly are Health-Bent , The Shiksa in the Kitchen , Pink Wallpaper and Young House Love:) I fallow a lot of blogs but I only really read closly a few and switch up every few months. 

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Bonnie Jo said...

Love all the favorites! I have to say I love Kate
Spade purse designs and have the steam boat clutch. Those two wooden ones are fabulous.
I want to be friends with Jeff Lewis and the PBS production "Call of the Midwife" hooked me also.