Monday, November 14, 2011

Where the buffalo roam...

Another Sunday drive took us on a great adventure and another wonderful Winery find a few weekends ago. As usual Ben and I decided to explore the Sierras and see what kind of gems we could find. So we drove towards Granite Bay and by chance saw a grape sign with a arrow and fallowed it. We had no idea where we were going but what the heck, lets go. We actually ended up back in Newcastle, and drove into the area where people build huge custom homes on what use to be hilly farm land.

Finally, we find this sign and what looks to be someones very large home. We pull into the drive way and walk into what maybe was a very high end fancy garage, turned tasting and barrel room. It was a fun feel with all the other wine tasters drinking down their tastings and look to be loving every sip. We finally were able to get a place to taste at the bar and surprise, surprise great wine.

The wine maker and co-owner, Phil Maduxx, was of course working the wine room and was poring his wine. He started making his own wine at home in the 1970s, and one day decided to make it his career. Thank god he did his wine is great! He grows vines around his home, but also owns a hill side not too far away from his property that he bought from a what I would call "wanna be weekend wine maker" that did not realize the amount of work it would be making wine. Worked in Phil's favor for sure. His wines to me are pretty much Organically grown and produced(they are not certified but if you listen to how he grows them I believe they are) and he believes in water conservation and let's his vines look for their water and waits until the driest months to actually water them. The wine really shows this with the richness and depth of flavor.

The reds where great especially for 09s. The stands out to me from what he had on his Tasting Menu that day were:
Thunder Beast Zinfandel 2009

Where the Buffalo Roam 2009
Bison Blanc Viognier 2010

He also let us a taste the 2009 Just Grenache and is was Just Wonderful!

Ben LOVED the Pawny Tawny!! Great desert wine for sure!

The wine room was great with the Buffalo theme throughout, but not in a Disneyland way. If you ever get to go and do some tasting at the winery, maybe Phil will tell you why he decided to name his winery Lone Buffalo it is a great story.

Here is a link to check them out Lone Buffalo Vineyards

If you are in Tahoe their wines made the Ritz-Carlton's Northstar Resort Wine list.

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