Monday, November 7, 2011

probabaly the last to know about a london fog latte...

So I was reading Kath Eats Real Food daily blog post last night. She was at FoodBuzz in San Francisco and she mentioned she went to Bread and Cocoa. This is a cute place on Sutter Street near the Fincial District part of San Francisco. It is a great place to get a quick healthy and eco-friendly bite in the the morning or for lunch. She mentioned she got a London Fog tea latte. Now, I pretty much only buy cappuccinos when I am out and about. I never even look at the menu when I order ever. I just ask for the same thing a small..low..fat..or..almond..milk..dry..cappuccino. I drink a lot of tea at home so I never think to look at the tea drink selection or the drink menu as a whole. So I thought hmm.... that sounds good how do you make it at home. I did some searching and compered methods, ingredients and decided corn syrup laden, synthetically flavored vanilla syrup is just not my style, so I will go the other route. So here us my take on the London Fog Latte.

-one or two Earl Grey tea bags or some loose Earl Grey tea
-one cup of boiling water
-one cup of milk of choice steamed and frothed
-a little bit of some kind of sweetener: a squirt of agave nectar, one packet of stevia, a few drops of liquid stevia, good old sugar, honey or coconut palm sugar, what ever lights you fire!!!
1/4 tsp of vanilla extract
-Boil some water and open up two tea bags for a super strong taste or one for normal. I am using Numi brand aged Earl Grey tea with bergamont. I prefer Mighty Leaf's Earl Grey though.
-Fill the cup up half way with the water. Cover the cup with a saucer and set your timer for five minutes. No more the five minutes! Anything more and your Earl Gray will be bitter tasting.
-After the timer goes off squeeze your bags and take out of the mug.
-Add the vanilla extract and your sweetener stir to combine.
-Then pour the milk to the rim.

Enjoy, YUM!!!!

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