Sunday, January 25, 2009

Product Alert and Something funny:)

Ok so I am a big believer in s Sedaris Family Tradition. The Sedaris Family produced Amy and David Sedaris two excellent talents in the writing and entertianment world. In both Amy's and David's books there are mentions there Mother having a "Funk it Bucket", I know a bad word, eewwww. If you knew me well you would know that word is not that bad, ahahahh:) O well that is what they call it, so that is it. Now Amy says to take a bucket decorate it, fill it with candy and when things are getting bad you just go "Fuck it" and go the "bucket". I love this idea and I have one in my room and one at work. Now at work I had to curve digging into the bucket because of my waist line. I am not in my room that much so I figured that is the best place for it to be. Pictured above is my antique candy dish that is classified as my "Fuck it, Bucket". At work it is a plush Hello Kitty Halloween candy bucket my dear friend Emily gave me. When I grow up and get married one day I plan on having a "Fuck it, Bucket" in the bedroom and the kitchen for sure.
Now I am trying to find candy that has no preservatives or weird colors and over processed sugars for my "Fuck it, Bucket". I make candy from scratch on my own, but really I have no time to do it unless it is for someone else. So as you would think there is not a lot of candy like that in the market place. So I love gummy and sour. Also I love chocolate covered almonds and Reese's Pieces. So I found a really good gummy candy at Trader Joes. They are called Gummy Tummy Penguins with Soft Tummies. Yum!!! A must try. So I think we should all make "Fuck it, Buckets" and photograph them and post them. Also I think if anybody knows of some kinda natural candy they need to share the wealth of info, PLEASE:)

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