Friday, January 30, 2009


Ok since the weather is very weird and slightly warm I am craving a cold cocktail. So I was looking in Trader Joes for a can of Lychees, no Lychees to be found. Really not happy about that because how am I supposed to make Bethany Frankel's Lychee Martinis if I don't have canned Lychees. So instead the Joe has canned Aloe Vera, hhmmm..... So I buy the can and a bag of limes and I am off. 

What you need:
1 can of Aloe Vera chunks with Juice
a zestier
a glass
some ice
and a spoon

To make the Aloetini
grab a Martini glass
cut a lime in half and zest the lime into the Martini glass, cut into two wedges 
squeeze the two lime wedges into a martini shaker
fill with four or five table spoons of Aloe Vera juice
poor about three counts of Vodka, not gin
add some ice and shake and strain into the Martini glass
add some aloe Vera chunks and enjoy

Now when I make my Martinis I am way to lazy to use a Martini shaker. So what I do is make my Martinis on the rocks and directly in the rocks glass. I like to add a lot of Aloe Vera chunks in my drink and eat them with a spoon after I finish my drink. Also when you have drinks on the rocks they get watered down which is not a bad thing. It makes the drink last longer and you don't get drunk and fall down the stairs like I do when I have too many Margaritas on a Saturday night, ahhhhhahha:) I use this trick at parties where I have to be on for conversation, and it saves money because you don't buy as many drinks and I can actually drive myself home at the end of the night. 

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Kevin said...

"Fall down the stairs!" Hahahaha I love it. You are so resourceful.