Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Maybe Jon and Kate's Tomato and Onion Salad plus a few Variations

So I am on this lime kick lately. Then I start watching my usual Monday night show Jon&Kate Plus 8. Kate is making something she says that she and Jon can eat everyday if they could. Something looking like Tomatoes, White Onions, and maybe parsley. So I go online after the show and look for the recipe. Nothing. So I put a search for Tomato, Onion salad. I find a recipe on Sunset Magazine that incorporates my favorite ingredient LIME!!!!!. Kate if your out there, let me know if this is it? The recipe goes as fallows:

1 medium sweet onions (such as Walla Walla or Maui), cut in half and then into thin wedges
1 pound grape or small cherry tomatoes, cut in half
1/2 can (14.5 oz.) hearts of palm, drained and cut into thin disks (optional)
1/2 cup chopped flat-leaf parsley
Juice from one squeezed fresh lime
one pinch of kosher salt
four or five turns of your pepper grinder
Two bowls
One cup of ice
four cups of water
Chefs Knife
Cutting Board

After you chopped the onions put them in a bowl of ice cold water and soak for 5 minutes. Drain and put in large bowl, toss tomatoes with onions, hearts of palm, parsley, lime juice, salt, and pepper. This should make four servings double recipe for eight and can make one day in advance before serving. Should last in the fridge for about three days.

My Version (because Trader Joes was out of Tomatoes and I thought I can make this without them i just have to substitute)

What you need:) almost the same stuff from above.
one White Sweet Onion, chopped in half and sliced into thin wedges and separated
one cup of celery, cleaned and chopped
one cup of fresh parsley, cleaned and chopped (Italian, or Curly is fine)
one can of canniall beans, drained
juice of two to three limes
1 tsp of sea salt
fresh ground pepper about eight turns of your pepper grinder
Half of a can of hearts of palm, sliced thin
One tbsp of olive oil
Two bowls
One cup of ice
four cups of water
Chefs Knife
Cutting Board

Chop up your onion and soak in ice cold water for five minutes and drain and put in bowl. Add all other ingredients after properly prepped and combine with pepper, lime juice, salt and olive oil. Can make six servings and hold up in the fridge for about four days.

Both of the variations are great alone or put about a cup of the salad on top of salad greens with more Olive oil and Lime Juice drizzled over. I also like to put either a piece of grilled Salmon on top of the salad, or if I am running late in the morning to open a can of Wild Alaskan Salmon from Trader Joes and throw on top as well. Tuna could also work like a nice Tuna canned in olive oil of Grilled Tuna steak would be another great addition.

The third spin on the recipe is to add mini Heirloom Tomatoes or Cherry Tomatoes to the recipe above. Cut Tomatoes in half and you should have about 1 cup. Juice four limes instead of two and two tsp of salt and grind as much pepper as you can handle. The recipe will grow to feed eight to ten people. This should last in the fridge four three days until you have to re-season.

My forth spin is to chop up cubes of Mozzarella cheese about 1/2 cup. If you can buy Italian salami slice into thin slices and cut into halves or quarters, abut a half cup. I know Trader Joes sells it pre-sliced so that saves some time The possibilities are endless which is half the fun of cooking in the first place:)

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