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Bethenny Frankel's Skinny Girl's Margarita with a Twist

Ok so I watch New York Housewives on Bravo. One of the house wives is a Natural Foods chef named Bethenny Frankel. So I have been watching this show and see Bethenny always drinking the same drink. I am thinking Natural Foods chef=no alcohol, but maybe red wine. So as I watch the show as the season goes on I see her having some interesting drinks. I am thinking she is really thin so how does she drink almost every night and keep a good figure. One she eats so well, two she is very active, three she knows how to dissect a alcoholic drink to reduce the calories by half!!!!!

So like I said, I see her drinking this clear drink with a wedge of lime when she goes out. At first I thought club soda with lime. Nope think again. Clear Tequila on the rocks with Lime juice, and the Skinny Girl's Margarita is born. It was like the skies parted and the sun came out for me. I LOVE MARGARITAS!!!!!! But drinking them is quite another issue. They are loaded with calories. So what Bethenny says on her UTube segments and says on the show "Only drink clear alcoholic beverages with the exception of wines. Clear liquors have a whole lot less calories over the darker ones."

Back to this Skinny Girl Margarita. She gives a run down of the recipe on the show, but I went on line to look up a more absolute recipe. So I find Bethany on UTube giving a lesson on how to make it. So excited. I watched it and I was off into Margarita bliss, dreaming about it all night and thinking about it all day at work. On the way back home from work I stopped at Trader Joes to get some limes and mentally inventoried my liquor stash if I had the necessities on the way home. So I made the drink for one person because it is just me. Bethany's UTtube recipe is for four to six people depending on how strong you like it. Since I had to work the next day I made it average strength. So here is the recipe. I altered it a bit from Bethany's.

One Serving Skinny Margarita

Two Limes (I use three or four but I LOVE LIME!!)
Two counts of clear silver Tequila (Three or Four for a strong drink)
One splash of triple sec (1/2 tsp)
Lime zest from the limes above (I zest almost every lime I squeeze)
Five drops of liquid stevia
crushed ice about half of a cup
Club soda (maybe a half can or one cup)

So pull out your favorite glass cut the limes in half. Take a fork and twist it in a circle to get every bit of juice. Do this to all your limes directly in the glass. Put aside your squeezed limes. Take your Tequila bottle and poor and count to two slowly or three or four, but not too slowly. Bethenny gives a great tip with pouring alcohol. When you are pouring it you just count as you poor. Two counts is one serving. So when you are making a batch you should always end on an even number. So your done pouring the tequila add your ice about a half of a cup and the drops of liquid Stevia. Then with a very fine grater zest both sides of the lime's rind into the glass. The more zest the better for sure and add your club soda at the end. Stir with a spoon and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!! So GREAT!!!!!!!!!

So if your making this for a party and want to make enough for twenty drinks you should squeeze forty limes, and zest the rind until you can't do it anymore, ahahahah:) I would invest in a electric juicer to be kinder to your hands and wrist if you going to attempt this for a party though. You could also buy canned organic lime juice concentrate, but don't water it down keep it as a concentrate, or Odwalla makes a Limeadee by the liter. One can of concentrate should be enough for twenty drinks. If you use the Limeade from Odwalla don't add any extra sweetner to the drinks and use six cups of the Limeade. If you use the concentrate or the Limeade don't forget to zest some limes to add to the drinks when you get ready to serve them. Add about 1/2 tablespoon of liquid stevia and store in the refrigerator if your going to use fresh squeezed limes. So when the party starts you can either mix your tequila, triple sec and zest together with the juice or let your guest mix there own one at a time. I think twenty servings would be 40 counts of Tequila and twenty to fifteen counts of Triple Sec or Cointreau. Then all you have to do is pour over ice and add the club soda if your quests wish. So pretty easy and really good.

This is a staple in my drink recipes for now on.
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