Monday, September 24, 2012

My Green Drink

Since I found out that in no shape or form should you ever consume raw kale I was on hot pursuit to find a replacement for my standard green drink recipe this summer. So after a lot of searching and looking at different recipes on the web I came up with my own green drink recipe. You can make this in a vita-mix or you can leave the fiber behind and juice it. This drink saved my life all summer long. Also this was the ultimate water retention reducer. I would drink this down and all my puffiness would detox right out of me. I would weigh my self before hand and then after and could not believe it.

Pretty easy recipe and only use organic:
one large cucumber
four or five stalks of celery
five or six leaves of roman lettuce
One lime
five drops of SweetLeaf liquid Stevia
1/2 cup or so of low sodium mineral water

Optional additions:
one green apple:)
coconut water:)

Juice all together and pour into a glass, add some ice and top with mineral water, and add liquid stevia to taste. If you are vita mixing then you probably might want to half the recipe.

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