Monday, April 23, 2012

A Monday....

      Mondays are always crazy and a mad dash so I keep it as easy as possible when it comes to cooking.

     The morning started with  a Winter Earl Grey White Tea Latte and a half of a Udi's bagel with almond butter and a sliced Banana. I found this White Earl Grey at the Berkley Bowl in Berkley by Harney & Sons Fine Teas.  A White Tea Earl Grey was a great find because the caffeine level is so much lower and packed with more antioxidants then any other tea.  White Teas are not toasted so they are more of a "raw tea" so you get more out of them then any other.

      Later came two loads of laundry, stripping the bed, answered 12 emails and it was lunch time.

     Daiya grilled cheese and sauteed kale. I used this great Gluten Free bread made with Quinoa flour that I found at the Berkley Bowl. It is baked by a Gluten Free bakery called the Grindstone located in Northern California. They do mail order so check them out. Such great breads. I added sauerkraut to mine Ben had his without and asked for five more when he was done. One pan, fast clean up and sooooo good! 

 Now back to working on my secret project. So exciting!!!  I made a Matcha Green Tea latte with Almond Milk which is sooo good. Matcha is another antioxidant power house. It takes a little practice to work with because it is in powder form, but with a latte you just make the steamed milk and whisk in the powder directly in your mug with a small whisk and add maybe some vanilla extract and some stevia and you are good to go.

Tic-toc Ben is home and it is time for dinner. Again, super fast dinner. I made salmon under the broiler just eight minutes and rub the salmon with a Asian rub I buy from Dean and Deluca. Toss  a salad with some left over red quinoa and dinner is ready!

I hope everybody got through their Monday without many bruises or battle scares.



Bonnie Jo said...

Salmon looks great, what time do we eat!

Shara said...

Yeah, it was great! You should see what I made for Ben's B-day dinner! Posting on facebook tomorrow:)I will send you first preview though!