Saturday, November 5, 2011

New Wineries in Amador Wine Region #1

As usual Ben and I take many trips to the surrounding wine regions as a great mini day-cation. On one of our trips last winter we observed a few new wineries being built in Amador. We like the region because it has so many wineries but it does not feel too commercial.

Now, looking at two of the largest being built, Ben and I both said at once "on no". These two wineries looked like they might be owned by corporations and not families. So we where a little worried. Finally, in the spring the two where open for business. Ben and I decided to do some snooping and some tasting and see what the story is. The first winery is called Helwig. From what we found out it is owned by one person and he was a CEO of a one of the largest Health Insurance companies in the country based in Sacramento.

The wine list was of course full of very young vintages, but all had a lot of promise if they where layed down for say another few years.
The Sauvignon/Savignon Blancs where pretty much ready to drink. They had a Syrah Rose' that was not bad at all. I am in love with true Rose' so this was pretty good. 

The owner and designer actually took their time building this winery and went to great lengths to keep everything Eco-friendly. Pretty much all the wood used to build the winery is re-claimed from the region which is not a cheap route to go. 

They also built a medium size amphitheater into the hill side and have already sold out evenings of live music. For sure a stop and see place for the surroundings and in about three years their wine will match the beauty of the winery for sure.  

The winery itself is beautiful. Lots of unique touches throughout. They really put a lot of forward thinking into the design with lots of out door space that is covered so people can drink wine and bring a picnic and enjoy their million dollar view.

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