Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sweet mornings in disquise with super foods....

Sorry the photo is not that great I took it with my old camera that died a few months ago. Thank goodness Ben had a spare for me to use.

My morning almond milk, double shot, home made latte would not be complete with out Raw Cacao Powder from Navitas Naturals. I was reading a article on Harvard Health Publications about the heart healthy benefits of Cacao Powder and anti inflammatory properties. It is for sure a SUPER FOOD in every since of the word reading more into the article. Doing more research I found that two and half tablespoons gives you 2% calcium, 8% Iron, 4 grams of fiber, 3 grams of protein and 67.5mg of magnesium. The kicker is that it has fifteen more times the antioxidants found in a glass of red wine and twenty-one times that of a cup of green tea, even blueberries cannot compete with this stuff!!!!

The Cacao Powder is rich in flavonoids that can help with so many things from pre-mature ageing, fighting environmental damage happening in out bodies, anti-inflammatory properties and help with heart health in lowering blood pressure. Even help with your mood and boost endorphin levels.

The cacao powder also makes a excellent hot chocolate as well. I just add a little more sweetness to the almond milk and leave out the espresso shots. If you do not have a milk frothier just add two cups of some kind of milk and two tablespoons of the cacao powder and heat over medium heat while whisking until heated, combined and frothy. I like to add a few pinches of cinnamon and nutmeg and maybe a little vanilla extract or peppermint extract. YUM!!!

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