Tuesday, October 4, 2011

blk. aka Black Water

So I was walking through the Nugget Grocery Store because Whole Foods did not have the type of yeast I need to make Chocolate Babka tomorrow, recipe to come:) I walked down the beverage aisle to price their Perrier Grapefruit mineral water that I like. I am always looking for the cheapest price for it. So out of the corner of my eye I see the blk. aka Black Water. I just saw Real House Wives of New Jersey last night and thought what the heck. A family on the show runs a PR company and they are working with the blk. company as their first big client. They had it on special from $2.97 a bottle to $1.99.

One of the stock girls stopped and said
"That stuff is so scary looking. Are you really going to drink it?"
I said
"Sure if you go to their website you will see what it is all about."
Then I told her
"you know I think it will be a great seller with Halloween coming up."
She said
"That is a good idea. I am going to mention that to my Manager because the stuff does not move at all"
Then she said
"good luck!"

So I find the right kind of yeast and the Perrier was not the best price so back home we go. I poured the blk. water over ice. It is actually more of a dark brown color more then black. I guess "brown water" does not sound that great;) I drank it all and it just taste like water. No weird taste or anything.

So I looked up Fulvic Acid on Wikipedia. The water bottle says is has a PH(measure of acidity) level of 9.0+. Pure water has a PH level close to 7.0 which is neutral and a healthy human body's PH should be 6.5 to 7.0. Any lower you are putting your health at risk. You can test you PH levels by buying test strips online or at Health Food stores. The PH scale starts at 0 and goes to 14. Anything below 7.0 is acidic and anything above 7.0 is alkaline.

If your body is lower then 6.5 PH then you can take minerals to balance it out, eliminate certain foods out of your diet and also eating clean. If you do not do anything about it it can cause premature aging, weight gain, diabetes, heart issues, hormone issues, thyroid problems, low sperm count, infertility etc, etc. Think about it you exercise all the time and think you are eating right and not loosing weight or you loose some weight and cannot keep it from coming back, maybe having problems having a baby, maybe issues with your joints and maybe problems with loosing hair. Order some test strips and I bet you money your body has a low PH level. I finally got some test strips and got Ben's and my PH under control. Actually, pretty recently. I dropped 10 pounds and Ben dropped 8 pounds in two and half weeks! Don't let anyone say it is all about getting older with not being able to keep off weight it is your PH levels and what you are eating to making them too low and through everything off.

Now the water claims it has 77 trace minerals in it, but it does not list them on the bottle or the percentages. The claim of the 77 trace minerals is pretty critical for the claim of having a 9.0+ PH level to do what it claims to do which is to help balance the bodies PH levels. I know it would be a lot to list but I have to see it or at least list it on the website. If they did this I would possibly buy more but until then I will stick to my Coconut water.

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