Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Un-Cheese Spread

Ok another field trip to Whole foods to seek out some kind of Vegan chip or cracker dip. I really love cheese and crackers but not the fat content that comes with it. I just cannot eat as much as I like so I have made some home made Vegan un-cheese and I make a lot of Vegan Queso and un-cheese sauces. I will share those recipes soon. They do the trick for my cravings during the week. Sometimes I am running out of time and just need to grab something instead of making things from scratch.

Off I went to Whole Foods and looked high and low for something that was cheesy, healthy, gluten free and possibly not over processed to slather on my beloved Mary's Gone Crackers Original Seed flavor crackers.

So I found WAYFARE brand "We Can't Say It's Cheese Cheddar Spread"! They make Vegan un-cheese spreads in a few flavors, sour cream and puddings in three flavors. All are GF, Casein free, soy free, all natural. The spread is Pareve(Kosher) and GF certified. I have only tried the un-cheese spreads, but I asked my Whole Foods if they could order the Puddings and un-Sour Cream. I am not a Vegan, but I like to use Vegan products and cook Vegan a few times a week. The WAYFARE website also has quite a few recipes to try using their products. If you are in a pinch these are great.


Bonnie Jo said...

Those crackers look yummy!


Shara said...

I love the Mary's Crackers they finally sell them in a BIG box at Costco so it makes them way more affordable:)