Sunday, January 16, 2011

Clean Day 2

So I completed Day 2 and man was it a rough day!!! I have heard that the second day is the worst, and man where they right. Ben and I where just as useful and "on it" as my cat is pictured above. Cashmere(our cat) just looks so much like how we felt.

Ben and I went to a family gathering. The event was a buffet at a Chinese restaurant and then after go over to Ben's Moms house to carry on the party. So Ben and I decided to skip the restaurant and go strait to the house. I brought our 3pm shakes with us pre-made and a selection of teas, carrot sticks, packs of Stevia and some almonds. We planned on playing cards after the majority of the family left. Well, people probably thought Ben and I where smoking everything but our shoes before we arrived because we could not keep up conversations with anyone! We where pretty out of it. Ben's sister was thanking me for gifts that I picked out for her from over the Holidays and I could not remember what they where. So be ready people for a bumpy ride!

What we ate today:

  • Jasmin green tea with lime zest the juice and Stevie
  • Mango and raspberry Smoothie with: flax meal, Natural calm powder, half water/half almond milk and ice with the Nourish Vanilla and Move Powders
  • Supplements


Seared Saki Salmon
  • you will need a heavy fry pan
  • heat pan to medium high heat
  • a guzzle of Sesame Seed Oil
  • one Wild Saki Salmon (Trader Joes has them frozen and de-boned and cut into two large piece) cut into four pieces(two smaller then the other two)
  • Salt and pepper the top and sprinkle well with Old Bay Seasoning
  • When the oil becomes pretty hot lay salmon down, skin side down, and sear until the skin wants to release from the pan about 4 minutes, then flip the Salmon for about 2 more minutes and sear until you see how done you want them to be.
Shataiki Mushroom and Brown Rice
  • 3/4 cup of brown rice wash well and add to rice cooker
  • about two cups of chicken stalk
  • 1/4 cup of chopped white onion
  • a couple of sprinkles of dried garlic flakes
  • a couple of sprinkles of red pepper flakes
  • about five shataiki mushrooms roughly chopped
  • turn rice cooker on and stir rice every once in a while until the rice cooker stops cooking it
Garlicky Greens with Cauliflower and Purple Kale
  • grab another large fry pan
  • heat pan to medium high heat
  • add a guzzle of grape seed oil
  • chop four cloves of garlic
  • set aside two pinches of red pepper flakes
  • take one bunches of kale(I used purple kale) and clean very well, tear away leaves from center stalk into medium size pieces, then either throw in a salad spinner and dry or lay the leaves out in a towel and roll them up and squeeze the towel to get excess water from the leaves
  • throw a leaf in pan if it hisses then throw the rest in, and saute for about a couple of minutes
  • after the leaves have broken down a bit toss in garlic and saute then add the red pepper flakes
  • serve asap
*I added some cauliflower as well just to add bulk to our lunch. Add it when you add the kale. you can also use chard as well instead of kale.


3pm Shake
  • Nourish Chocolate and Move powders with: frozen wild organic blueberries, organic frozen raspberries, flax seed meal, natural calm powder, half water/half almond milk, ice and Stevia

Lite Dinner

Salmon and Avocado Salad
  • two big hand fulls of mixed greens
  • left over saki salmon form lunch flaked with your finger on top of the salad
  • some raw broccoli florets
  • two stalks of celery chopped
  • two small hand fulls of Trader Joes Broccoli slaw
  • one avocado de-seeded and chopped
  • about a table spoon of toasted almond sliced almonds
  • Divide all ingredients into two bowls and the top each with lemon zest of one lemon and the juice of the lemon, a guzzle of extra virgin olive oil on each and some salt, pepper, dried garlic flakes and toss. Yum!!!

Ben weighed in at 210 and I weighed in at 151 at the end of the day. Also the first night of the program Ben had complete body twitching for about a couple of hours when he was sleeping. I made sure he was OK without waking him though. The twitching woke me up a couple of times so it was intense. Little strange but he does not remember any of it when I told him that morning.

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