Monday, December 6, 2010

Almost going to shut this down....

Well, I have had a very busy year since my last blog post. Half of 2009 and most of 2010 has brought me many changes and challenges. I had been so busy I had not even thought to post or keep up this blog at all. A few weeks ago I thought to just take the blog down and forget it. The blogging community has exploded and there are so many great blogs and wonderful websites that I did not think that I needed to go any further with this project. So I logged on to delete it and I wanted to check my stats to see if anyone was still reading the blog. Well, I was very surprised to see I was still getting a lot of traffic. I could not believe it! I had a lot of traffic for the gluten free info and the food related topics. So I have decided to keep this project going and keep it as a food and product journal. I will still post some other things but it seems that the food and products is what people want to read about and research the most. I want to say thank you to people that have still been looking me up to see if I have added any new content and have stuck with me for so long.

My first round of post will be reviewing some interesting cook books that I picked up this year and reviewing some ones that are staples in my collection to share with you. I should have the first ready to go by this week. I am also working on a post about food allergies or a food lifestyle and dealing with social situations.

Till then,

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