Sunday, January 18, 2009

Books by the Bed

Ok so I have watched for the forth time the movie The Jane Austin Book Club. Great movie if you have not seen it yet. So after I watch it I always think what I have read over the years that has really shaped me as a person. I have read every Jane Austin Book, and can say who would really need to read anything else if you have read all the books, but of course I should and I do. 

I would not say I am disciplined reader. I read a lot, but reading and taking on a very complicated book takes a lot of time. So I end up not reading too many classics right now. More informative, political, special interest fun reading. So the only time I have is before I go to sleep.  As I lie down every night I call Ben to wish him good night then I go through the stack of books and magazines next to my bed. I relax have Golden Girl re-runs on in the back ground and go into a trance by whatever I decide to read for the night. I am usually up until 1am or 2 getting lost in the written word. So I thought it might be fun for everyone to maybe share what is in their stack of books next to their bed. If for anything a good laugh at the quirky things we read, but if anything to maybe discover a new title to add the pile. 
Now I have some guilty pleasures in my pile and some that I have read many many times that seem like old friends every time I open them so here it goes:

Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris
Twilight (yes Twilight I LOVE IT) by Stephenie Meyer
The Contemporary Torah. A Gender sensitive Adaption of JPS Translation
The Jane Austin Cookbook by Maggie Black & Deirdre Le Faye
The Green Bible NRSV
Country Living Magazine three or four months of the latest issues
Food and Wine Magazine three months of the latest issues
Fast Company whatever my Dad has finished reading
Harumi's Japanese Cooking by Harumi Kurihara
The Ultimate candy Book by Bruce Weinstein
Wildwood. Cooking from the Source in the Pacific Northwest by Cory Schreiber
I like you by Amy Sedaris
Aromatherapy for Dummies by Kathi Keville
Creative Face. Make your own Makeup by Maxine Nelson
Dwell Magazine after my parents are done with them

Ok so that is what is in my rotation right now. It changes every few months usually my reading changes with the seasons. How about you????

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uberdrivel said...

I am reading the book YOU got me, Gorgeously Green! It had so much great information but it also makes me feel guilty for all the things I am not doing...

I am also reading The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen. It's pretty funny and very cerebral...

Finally, I am reading When You Are Engulfed in Flames by David Sedaris. I adore him.