Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pink Lady's Wine Picks

Since the economy is in the toilet I find myself gravitating and looking so forward to my glass of wine when I get home from work. I have never been an expensive wine drinker unless it is a special bottle from a special place, and especially now I go strait to the under $10.00 bottles. I used to look at the under $10.00 and the under $20.00 for my nightly glass of red greatness, but not anymore. I am a Champagne and red wine collector. Anything that can be purchased at Trader Joes, Bev Mo, grocery stores is not in the collection. I am strict if I am going to collect it it has to be something you can only buy direct from the winery or only on a restaurants wine list. So since a bottle of Shaffer or something made by the cult winery Screaming Eagle is not going to be in my near future I am diving deep into the under $10.00 category to not dip into my coveted stash. 

My go to bottle is part of the new line of wines from the Francis Ford Coppola called Rosso. The line came out when Francis opened his new winery in Geyserville about a year ago called Rosso&Bianco. I have tried both the Rosso and the Rosso Shiraz. The bottles can be purchased at Trader Joes for $7.99!!!!! Sold at other stores for twice the price. It is well worth it. This is a wine you can drink alone for sure it needs nothing. You could pair it with a pork dish with a sweet brine or pizza, bar-b-q. The Rosso is a nice blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Zinfandel grapes it is so yummy. 

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