Monday, February 11, 2008

Willow Glen

So I was thinking that there are some cool little sections of the Bay and Northern Cal that some people don't know about so I am doing a series of Posts focusing on a berg that I think would make either a nice afternoon detour or nice getaway weekend.

My first berg that I think is a cute place to enjoy a sunny afternoon, or meet up for dinner or lunch with friends is Willow Glen, California located south of San Jose. Basically the whole cute area is focused on one street named Lincoln Avenue. The street has many great restaurants, shops, coffee places, Boutiques that are mostly independtly owned. Below are organized lists of my personal high lights and a link to the Downtown Willow Glen Website for basic directions on how to get this area. But there is much more then what I have listed. If you are a Mom with small children there are about five children’s clothing stores. Willow Glen also has many hair salons, and Pilates and Yoga Studios.


Aqui Cal-Mex Grill
1145 Lincoln Ave., STE A6
(408) 995-0381

Siena, A Mediterranean Bistro 
1359 Lincoln Ave.
(408) 271-0837

Taiwan Restaurant
1306 Lincoln Ave.
(408) 289-8800

Willow Glen Frozen Yogurt Co.
1100 Lincoln Ave.
(408) 292-5961

La Villa Deli
1319 Lincoln Ave., STE 1
(408) 295-7851
Candy Shop

Powell's Sweet Shoppe
1140 Lincoln Ave. Suite 6A
(408) 395-2837

Bill's CafĂ© 
1115 Willow St.
(408) 294-1125

Clothing Boutiques

1183 Lincoln Ave., STE A
(408) 947-7255

Sugar Magnolia
1213 Lincoln Ave., STE 108
(408) 204-6455


1335 Lincoln Ave., STE 1
(408) 294-5557

Casa Casa Inc.
1355 Lincoln Ave.
(408) 298-2272

Hicklebee's · Website
1378 Lincoln Ave., STE Z
(408) 292-8880

Willow Glen Books · Website
1330 Lincoln Ave.
(408) 298-8141

Gussied Up Dog Boutique
1310 Lincoln Ave., STE A
(408) 279-2229
Signed and Sealed

Signed & Sealed
1314 Lincoln Ave., STE D
(408) 999-0124

Sew Beadazzled
1068 Lincoln Ave.
(408) 293-2232

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