Monday, January 28, 2008

Product Alert: Baking Soda

Ok so the Holidays are over, and things are normal again. So I am back on the blog and decided to try to do a Product of the week, along with recipes and cool places to go and things to buy. My product this week is good old fashioned, tried and true BAKING SODA!!!!! My favorite all time product.
Why I love this stuff you ask????
It does so many things and is is CHEAP!!!! I buy the big bags of it at Costco for about $8.00. Baking Soda does not hurt the environment or harm us in any way. So below are a few methods that I have put together for using this wonder product.

1. It makes the best and cheapest exfoliating compound ever. I keep a shaker bottle of it on my shower ledge. I keep it from getting wet this way placing it above the shower. So I shake some out on my hands after I have bathed with soap and rub it all over especially my face. I used to buy those pricey scrubs, but Baking soda actually works better. Yes, your skin will be a little red after, but it calms down after you towel off. Make sure you rinse off well before getting out of the shower. I do this about three times a week, and fallow with lotion and my face creams.
2. Cleaning everything in your house. I sprinkle some in my toilet and scrub and then let it stand to deodorize. I sprinkle some in my bathroom sink and kitchen sink and scrub away. I use it to scrub my shower and shower doors.
3. I put a 1/2 scoop in my laundry to deodorize and help my laundry detergent do its job.
4. If I have been working in Ben's yard or did a long Yoga class where I got pretty gross. I will put a cup in the bath tub in hot water and stir it with my hands to dissolve and soak in it to detox my pours and then jump in the shower to rinse off and exfoliate.
5. When I vacuum I sprinkle it over my carpet and vacuum away. It helps to take smells out of the carpet and clean the carpet better.

If you have any other uses for Baking Soda Please share them on the blog. i would love to hear them.

Have a great week all,

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Matt Adler said...

hmmm...don't forget to put an open box in the fridge to suck up those nasty odors of food gone bad! also, you can use it to polish your fine silver -- gets the tarnish right out!